Room to Bloom

a feminist platform for ecological and postcolonial narratives of Europe.

Room to Bloom brings together feminist artists who create ecological and postcolonial narratives of Europe and beyond. Room to Bloom aims at building a discourse on European culture that is fully built on the experience and knowledge of the periphery and to bring it back to the centre.

Why Room to Bloom?

Whereas migrants and women, from Malevich to Picasso, from Tamara de Lempicka to Sonia Delaunay, famously contributed to the making of European Arts, their access to the world of arts remains extremely limited today.

Beyond a few famous faces, women and migrants struggle to be effectively contributing to the making of the European cultural and artistic discourse, not from a lack of ideas or capacities but because the structural obstacles they face are not of those that one can easily fight individually.

Room to Bloom recognises that it is more than time to build on that and provide artists and cultural operators to navigate patriarchalism and racism in the world of arts and to open up the space for them to bloom in a transnational Europe. The platform promotes young feminist artists and provides them with better tools to operate in the European cultural scene. It focusses on postcolonial feminism and ecofeminism, and is open to all genders and origins.

Our mission

♾️ Train, assist and support young artists to co-create professional opportunities.
♾️ Create a transnational network of feminist artists.
♾️ Formulate proposals for running post-colonial and ecofeminist art practices.
♾️ Imagine new ecological and post-colonial feminist narratives for a transnational Europe.

Project partners

The National Museums of World Culture - Världskulturmuseerna - in collaboration with European Alternatives (France), Studio Rizoma (Italy), AthenSYN (Greece) and Avtonomi Akadimia (Greece).
Visit our website www.roomtobloom.eu 
Contact person at Världskulturmuseerna: Rasha Shaaban