Queer Artists Talk

🏳️‍🌈 During West Pride Week and Queer Month activities 🏳️‍🌈

During Gothenburg's West Pride Week, the World Culture Museum together with European Alternatives hosted a talk with queer artists from Poland, Ukraine and Peru.

Nat Skoczylas presented their project FemAle. It places itself at the intersection of historical currents, which created the conditions for the dispossession of many of us: queers, people of color, women, plants, microbes, and other creatures.

Nastia Teor showcased their project on intersection of nonbinary and Ukrainian identity.  

Jaime Enrique Prada presented their work on democracy and queerness in Peru. 

When: Wednesday 15 June at 14.00 - 15.15 CET

Where: Online via Zoom


Nat Skoczylas (they/them, Poland 1987) is a queer, gender indifferent artist, activist and researcher living in Berlin. They work and live collectively, exercising utopian and alternative ways of being coming from anarchy, feminism, ecologies, speculative fiction and their own lived experience in a post-socialist, catholic and poor part of Poland where they grew up. Their practices span community building, organizing, writing, game design, performative actions with hydrofeminism, as well as fermentation and cooking as a tool for storytelling and social transformation. They are part of international artistic collectives School in Common, Demand the Impossible, SIK Larp LAB, Right to Rest, Non-Voyage and New Visions. Nat is also part of the anti-gentrification and migrant struggle in Berlin.

Nastia Teor (she/their. born in 1995, Kyiv, Ukraine) – is a visual artist, independent graphic designer and queer-feminist. Nastia is a member of Room to Bloom and Avtonomi Akadimia artists’s communities. In their artworks s/he uses graphics, text and video. Their artistic, design and activistic practices are constantly overlapping.

Jaime Enrique Prada (Peru) is an interdisciplinary artist who trained at the University of Lima and at the Faculty of Art and Design – PUCP. He explores the relationship between gender and society, challenging traditional roles and hegemonic structures. He has an introspective look and emphasizes the construction of an identity that evolves and interferes with different aspects of human life. His works have been exhibited in Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

About Room to Bloom

- a feminist platform for ecological and postcolonial narratives of Europe.

Room to Bloom recognises that it is more than time to build on that and provide artists and cultural operators to navigate patriarchalism and racism in the world of arts and to open up the space for them to bloom in a transnational Europe. The platform promotes young feminist artists and provides them with better tools to operate in the European cultural scene. It focusses on postcolonial feminism and ecofeminism, and is open to all genders and origins.


Contact person: Rasha Shaaban