Actions for Diversity (2024)

Supporting intercultural dialogue and diversity actions for inclusive societies.

(photo by: Omer Hingora)

The Anna Lindh Foundation network in Sweden is offering its network members financial support to implement actions that promote intercultural dialogue, diversity and more inclusive societies.

The following eight initiatives were selected through an open call for proposals

1. Inclusive Citizen Science Dialogue workshop to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and diversity in citizen science projects. 

When: 20 March 2024

Where: Världskulturmuseet Göteborg

Organised by: Almost There AB (Göteborg)

Open to the public. 

Contact person: Diba Mokhtabad 



2. Concert for Peace in the Middle East with a group of singers performing songs in the Arabic, Assyrian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, and Coptic languages ​​to emphasize that our diversity is a source of strength for us and that we must use it in order to spread the culture of peace and coexistence in Middle Eastern societies

When: 17 March 2024

Where: Assyriska föreningen, Norrköping

Open to the public.

Organised by: Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights (Norrköping)

Contact person: Jamil Diarbakerli



3. Are you ready for 2024? - an intercultural encounter where participants are invited to a day both to reflect on the past year and look into dreams, plans and fears for 2024. The program of the day consists of different interactive exercises and conversations in small groups, that in different form promote networking, learning across cultures and exchange of experiences.

When: 10 February 2024

Where: Nacka, Stockholm

Organised by: LärOlika (Stockholm) in collaboration with Tillsammans är vi starka (Stockholm) among other organisations

Anyone can join. Attendance prior to registration.

Contact person: Karin Bruce



4. Women Empowerment workshop series by creating new relationships, exchanging experiences and acquiring new knowledge and skills. The encounters will focus on women career development, entrepreneurship and other areas that can support women's personal and professional growth. 

When: 15 February, 13 and 14 March 2024

Where: Yes Box Göteborg

Organised by: Support Group Network (Göteborg) 

Open to women from all ages and backgrounds. 

Contact person: Enaya Toulimat



5. Deconstructing the Gender Power Order online training to enable participants to increase their abilities to question, reflect on and critically examine matters of gender related power structures.

When: 29 February - 1 March 2024

Where: Online (Zoom)

Language: English

Organised by: PeaceWorks Sweden (Stockholm)

Open to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge of gendered societal structures and capacity to counter harmful aspects relating to these structures.

Contact person: Rafaella Gärde



6. Global Play Summit digital meeting with Clowns Without Borders partners from Lebanon and Jordan. The goal is to exchange different cultural games typically played with children and families in socio-economic challenging context such as war, or poverty.

When: 4 March 2024

Where: Online (Zoom)

Organised by: Clowner Utan Gränser (Stockholm) in collaboration with Clown Me In/Awrad (Lebanon) and Al-Balad Theatre (Jordan)

Contact person: Donna-Maria Maalouf



7. Intercultural exchange encounters between Swedish langugage students and high school students. First exchange will be between a class from Sjölins Gymnasium and one from Folkuniversitetet. The theme will be about family and equality/gender. The second exchange will be between a class from Lindåsskolan and one from ABF Vux about globalisation. 

When: 19, 21 and 22 February 2024

Where: Sjölins gymnasium, Lindåsskolan and Folkuniversitetet, Göteborg

Organised by: ABF Göteborg (Göteborg) 

Contact person: Fatima Grönblad



8. Resilience and Resistance in Turbulent Times seminar on the connection between resilience and resistance, with a special focus on inclusion of all parts of the society in the building of resilience.

When: 26 March 

Where: Stockholm

Organised by: Kristna Fredsrörelson (Stockholm) 

Open to the public. 

Contact person: Martin Uggla



For queries about Actions for Diversity, please contact the ALF Swedish network coordinator Rasha Shaaban.

This call is financed by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Commission.