Handling personal data

Processing of personal data at the Museums of World Culture.

The National Museums of World Culture/ Statens Museum för Världskultur (SMVK) is a government agency. 

Messages and documents that are sent to us are public documents. They will be kept and disclosed according to the principles of public access and the Constitution of Sweden, Freedom of press (1949:105), Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400).

The Museums of World Culture is responsible for all processing of persoanl data in the activities of the authority. To protect your personal data, we comply with the general data protection regulation (GDPR 2016/679)

Personal data that we collect

Request for excerpts from the register

You have the right to request to access any possible data about yourself from SMVK’s record. You do this by sending a letter with your name and personal number which shows that you wish to access any information about yourself. For us to process your request you need to sign the letter personally.

The signature is important so that no one else may request details about you. If there are personal data about you, it will be sent to your nationally registered address. 

Request for correction, deletion or limitation

You have the right to ask for correction of your personal data. You can also ask that our use of your personal data is limited.

You can be entitled to have your personal data deleted in case the information no longer is a necessity to the use for which they have been collected or processed. In those cases where SMVK has the legal right to keep the personal data stored they will not be deleted.

Examples of legal basis may be agreements, archival purposes or balance of interests. 

More information concerning your rights can be found on the Data Inspection’s website (opens in a new window).


Contact details

Send your personally signed request to: 

Statens museer för världskultur
Box 5306
402 27 Göteborg

For questions regarding how SMVK deal with personal data contact

Our representative for data protection
Johanna Berg