Coming to the Nordics

Podcast series celebrating migrants success stories and challenges in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

"Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories can be used to empower and to humanise.Chimamanda Adichie

The Nordic countries usually sit on the top rankings of innovation, sustainable life styles, social wellfare, climate resposnsibility, gender equality, quality of life in general. Many aspire to move to Scandinavia to enjoy the proclaimed luxuries of life which this region is offering to its citizens. However, it is a journey that is not only sweet. It has its bitter side as well.   

In this podcast series, we share stories of migrants who came to the Nordic region namely Sweden, Denmark and Norway whether because of war or following a partner or persuing the "Nordic Dream" or... or... or...

We invite you to take a mindful walk while listening to these migrants' stories about their journey, who they are today, what they like or dislike in the Nordics, advices they have from their own experience to those planning to settle or recently settled in the Nordics, what they miss from their home country, cultural differences, favourite food, etc.

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How can you use these podcasts?

Other than listening to them and get inspiration from these migrants' stories, you can use them in workshops or trainings on migrants and inclusion. 

Introduction to the basics of podcasting

We also developed an introductory course (requires log in) with the following modules:

◼️ Module 1: Introduction to podcasting

◼️ Module 2: Starting your podcast part 1 - the technical aspects

◼️ Module 3: Starting your podcast part 2 - structuring

◼️ Module 4: Recording, producing, and hosting your podcast

◼️ Module 5: Recap and reflections

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This is a non-profit creative collaboration between the National Museums of World Culture (Sweden), Civil Connections (Denmark) and Intermezzo Ungdom (Norway). With the support of Nordplus Adult programme of the Nordic Council.