Celebrating Our Diversity Forum 2021

Building Inclusive, Sustainable and Intercultural Cities


20 May     09.00 - 12.00 CET

21 May     09.00 - 12.00 CET

To celebrate the International Day of Cultural Diversity (21/05), we will organise the fourth edition of Celebrating Our Diversity Forum on 20-21 May online (via ZOOM). Celebrating Our Diversity is a networking and exchange platform for members of the Anna Lindh Foundation. This is an open call for civil society activists in the 42 Euro-Med countries. The forum highlights initiatives that contribute to building inclusivesustainable and intercultural cities.

Anna Lindh Foundation network members and alumni will lead their own workshops in the practitioners lab and plant seeds for the future of the Euro-Med region using open space technology.  After 1 year of the pandemic, we want to look into how we can launch new beginnings for our cities and communities on the local, national and regional levels. 



08.50     Check-in (ZOOM Channel opens)

09.00     Welcome and introduction to the programme

09.20     Networking arena 

10.30     Break

10.45     Practitioners Lab

- Recraft | Raising Awareness of Cultural Heritage Through Crafts (Ajida Stanciene, Samogitian museum Alka - Lithuania)

- Virtual Excursions as a tool for intercultural dialogue and exchange (Jürgen Stein, Diakonisches Werk Bremen - Germany)

- Women Leadership Workshop for Diversity and Inclusion (Patricia Ahanda, Lydexperience - France)

- The shiny monstrous material, Plastic (Ahmed Yassin, Banlastic - Egypt)

- Sex education workshop (Niki Chalusi, RFSU - Sweden)

- Solidarity in Collaborations (Rasha Shaaban, National Museums of World Culture - Sweden)

11.45     Check-out

12.00     Lunch (optional) 


08.50     Check-in (ZOOM Channel opens)

09.00     Welcome and feed forward (re-cap from day 1)

09.25     New seeds | Open Space Technology

10.45     Break

11.00     Sharing the seeds

11.30     Spoken words with Sarah Rahmeh (Denmark)

11.40     Check-out

12.00     Lunch (optional) 

Language: English 


Maria Scordialos (Greece)

Maria’s work focuses on creating participatory processes that invite people from all backgrounds to have conversations that matter. She designs gatherings, trainings, and longer-term initiatives that provide the opportunity for public engagement, organisational development, systemic change with longterm impact.

Read more: www.mariascordialos.com

Julia Hoffmann (Germany)

Julia is a visual facilitator, scribe and social innovator. She work with teams, inviduals, organisations and networks supporting learning, movement and sensemaking. A visual thinker and creative at heart, she co-hosts process, sensemaking and self-care practices that invite groups to tap into their collective creativity and intelligence. Julia is a self-taught artist and illustrator who deeply enjoys diving into visual arts and bringing them to the field of social transformation.

Read more: www.mosaics-circles.de/portfolio

Elodie Labonne (France/Sweden)

Elodie is a Tango dancer and Gyrokinesis®️ instructor. She is very committed to body awareness, strength building of our bodies while at the same time calming our minds. In 2020, she founded Connect with Joy to share the joy of moving and dancing, of getting to know our body, and of connecting with others. 

Read more: https://connectwithjoy.com/



An initiative of the National Museums of World Culture (Sweden) in partnership with Centre for Cultural nd General Studies Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Finnish Institute in the Middle East (Finland) and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO (Lebanon). 

For queries, please write to ALF Swedish coordinator rasha.shaaban@varldskulturmuseerna.se