Ongioing development projects

Taking Care 

Taking Care places Ethnographic and World Cultures museums at the centre of the search for possible strategies. These museums, we suggest, with their histories, with their collections and

with the practices developed over decades through collaborative, critical reflexivity, speak directly to these urgent and defining challenges of the twenty first century: planetary precarity, inequality, and the futures of multiculturalism or plural democracies.

Participants among others, Pitt Rivers Museum (UK), The National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden (NL), Weltmuseum Wien (A), MUCEM, Marseille (FR), Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Cambridge (UK)

Partly funded by: Creative Europe Program of the European Union

Read more: https://takingcareproject.eu/


E-mail: Michel Lee

Artists in Residence - Les Archives Suedoises

Collaboration with Konstfack and Linnaeus University. From October until the turn of the year, Cecilia Järdemar from Konstfack will work with the Mission Church's image collection. The VR project is called A reformulated meeting: From a forgotten colonial mound to a common decolonial counter-archive. The research project examines a part of Sweden's colonial history by rediscovering unregistered collections of historical sheet metal negatives and 35mm films. These scattered material remains of the mission project will be collected and digitized together with two Congolese collaborators - the well-known sculptor Freddy Tsimba and art historian and author André Yoka Lyé - to create a new decolonial counter-archive that can be returned to Congo DR. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Ethnographic Museum and the Musée National de Kinshasa.


E-mail: Karolina Mikulska

Juxtaposing Craft 

Juxtaposing Craft is a project initiated by the culture association Undeni (Rebecka Ahlstedt and Anna Senno). The purpose of the collaboration is to create an in depth understanding and interest as well as knowledge of the making of the hand and the handmade. Juxtaposing Craft also aims to convey an innovative approach between history and the present through the craft.

The goal is to explore, together with Undeni, a selection of handmade objects in the collection managed by the National Museums of World Culture. This exploration takes place together with national and international artists who explore materials and craft techniques and carry out material experiments ahead of an upcoming international exhibition. The outcome will result in an exhibition at The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, opening at the beginning of 2022.


E-mail: Stefan Johansson

Empowering women's histories: sharing digital heritage between Zambia and Sweden (Creative Force)

The Museums of World Culture have received funding from the Swedish Institute's cultural support program Creative Force for a two-year collaboration with the Women's History Museum of Zambia (WHMZ). The project will develop a digital and interactive platform for sharing historical collections and women's history between Sweden and Zambia.

Based on the Ethnographic Museum's collections from Zambia (more than 800 objects and a couple of hundred images), the project aims to tell about women's lives and conditions then and now. Our hope is that we will learn much more about the collections but also about how we best use digital tools and collaborative methods to make them available and for research. WHMZ uses cultural heritage to tell the story of women and strengthen women's rights and participation in civil society.


E-mail: Michael Barrett