ALF ICD Resources Database

Making research, good practices, learning activities and events on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean accessible to everyone.

The Intercultural Dialogue Resource Centre was launched in 2020 as a part of the Anna Lindh Foundation's website to offer relevant and up-to-date resources for the EuroMed community and beyond with the aim of making publications on intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean accessible to everyone.

The hub's overall goal is to make accessible documents related to Intercultural Dialogue in the EuroMed region produced by civil society, media, academia and other relevant stakeholders. It includes academic and journalistic articles, policy papers, reports, guides, toolkits, manuals dealing with intercultural dialogue with a EuroMed/national approach.

It is organised in line with the following thematic priorities:

1. Education: i.e. intercultural learning;

2. Cities: i.e. mobility, migration and intercultural cities;

3. Media: i.e. media literacy, cross-cultural reporting and its role in shaping perceptions;

4. Culture: i.e. arts, creativity, translation for dialogue;

5. Youth: i.e. youth empowerment, mutual perceptions;

6. Gender: i.e. fighting gender and cultural stereotyping.

How to submit a resource on the Intercultural Dialogue Resource Centre?

1. Go to the Intercultural Dialogue Resource Centre page.

2. Click on Submit a Resource from the Resource Centre tab drop down or in the intro section of the Homepage. 

3. You can find a specific template to be filled in for this category.

4. Please submit the description/abstract of the resource in either English or French, the ALF Secretariat will ensure the translation of the final texts to the other two official languages of the Foundation.

What are the criteria of the relevant Publications to be uploaded and published on the ICDRC?

What happens to the submitted Resources?
Once the resource is published, it appears then on the Resource Centre Homepage.