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All four of the National Museums of World Culture maintain extensive libraries. Each of them is open to the public, however, in certain cases you are required to book your visit in advance.

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The Museum of World Culture's Library has a collection of over 30,000 titles and c. 900 journals and annual publications. The content reflects the museum's collection and includes works covering subjects such as ethnography, social and cultural anthropology, history and sociology. There is a less substantial section encompassing travelogues, biographies, bibliographies, handbooks and dictionaries.

The Mediterranean Museum Library has a collection which is oriented towards the archaeology and cultural history of the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and Near East, and of Islam, weighted in favour of areas covered by the museum's collections. The library has a total of c. 10,000 books.

The Far Eastern Library has a collection which is oriented towards the art, culture and archaeology of East Asia. The collection includes books in Western languages and also in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. There are c. 100,000 books in the collection.

The Museum of Ethnography's Library is a well-stocked specialist library, containing both scientific and popular scientific works. The library is a unique reference library for, primarily, ethnography, anthropology, archaeology, art history, religious history, history and museology: works about non-European cultures, not least, indigenous peoples.

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