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Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities 81

Book release: Bulletin of the Museum of Eastern Antiquities 81

The National Museums of World Culture are finally ready to release the long awaited Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities number 81.
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That travellers, material goods, and innovations have moved over Eurasia along a network of roads and paths through history is visible in the archaeological material. Since the 19th century these historical networks are sometimes referred to as the Silk Roads, a term with its own history worth exploring, as is the question of what investments were needed before a traveller could set out along these roads. These are the themes of Bulletin of the Museum of the Far Eastern Antiquities number 81 – listen to some of the authors here: 

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Contributions seriously engaging contemporary critical thought in the humanities and social sciences are especially welcome.

All contributions, for general issues as well as for special thematic issues, are peer-reviewed. The BMFEA Editorial Advisory Board mainly consists of scholars based at European centers for Asia research.

The editor of BMFEA is Eva Myrdal, senior researcher, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm (National Museums of World Culture)

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Publishing news

The first 40 volumes of BMFEA are now available online at Internet Archive.

BMFEA 79-80, a double volume, was published in the spring of 2020, and contains the following articles:

MARTIN SVENSSON EKSTRÖM. Editor's Preface: Sino-methodological Remark on the Metaphor of Metaphora and the Limitations of the "Conceptual Metaphor Theory"

ARMIN SELBITSCHKA. The Pitfalls of Second-hand Information: On the Traditionalist Dogma in Chinese Excavation Reports

MICHAEL NYLAN. Han Views of the Qin Legacy and the Late Western Han "Classical Turn"

DINU LUCA. Self-inscriptions: On Textual Figuration in Sima Qian and Ban Gu

DAVID HOLM. A Layer of Old Chinese Readings in the Old Zhuang Script

NICOLAS STANDAERT. Comprehensive Histories in Late Ming and Early Qing: The Genealogy of the Gangjian 綱鑑 Texts

DAVID PANKENIER. A Chinese Mythos of Mantic Turtles, Yu the Great, Number, and Divination

SOPHIA-KARIN PSARRAS. The Xiongnu and the West

GÖRAN SOMMARDAL. Twice Reading No-One, For example: Liu Xie & Aristotle



BMFEA 78: New Issues in Chinese Historiography

EDITOR'S PREFACE. Comparative Poetics in the Raw

OLIVIA MILBURN. The Sage in the South: Confucian Traditions from Wu and Yue

ZHANG LIANGREN. Wucheng and Shang: A New History of a Bronze Age Civilization in Southern China

HANS VAN ESS. Cosmological Speculations and the Notions of the Power of Heaven and the Cyclical Movements of History in the Historiography of the Shiji

JURIJ L. KROLL. The Han-Xiongnu Heqin Treaty (200–135 B.C.) in the Light of Chinese Political and Diplomatic Traditions

DAVID HOLM. Some Variant Characters in a Traditional Zhuang Manuscript: A New Angle on the Chinese Script

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Catalogues and Books

Publications from the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

The following books were published in 2004 and can be ordered by e-mail: info@ostasiatiskamuseet.se or fax: +46 8 5195 5755.

China Before China: Johan Gunnar Andersson, Ding Wenjiang, and the Discovery of China's Prehistory /Zhongguo zhi qian de Zhongguo: Antesheng, Ding Wenjiang he Zhongguo shiqianshi de faxian. Magnus FISKESJO and CHEN Xingcan. Stockholm, The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Ostasiatiska Museet), 2004. MFEA Monograph 15. 159 pages. Bilingual in English and Chinese. ISBN 91-970616-3-8

In addition, the Swedish-language book, an exhibition catalogue. Also richly illustrated, with new photographs in color, it focuses mainly on the objects included in the permanent exhibit with the same name (Kina Fore Kina = China Before China), and has a list in English of displayed objects and an abstract in English.

Kina fore Kina. Eva MYRDAL. Stockholm, The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Ostasiatiska Museet), 2004. MFEA Exhibition catalogue No. 57. 181 pages. ISBN 91-970616-1-1