The research carried out at the National Museums of World Culture is more often than not based on exhibition projects or other intermediary activities. This is something that we wish to develop further as besides the objects themselves, it is the direct contact with the public that makes our museums so unique as knowledge and research institutions.

Research at the museums of world culture

The development of knowledge was naturally structured around the geographical origin of museum collections as key historical elements and what these represented had to be interpreted from a perspective of space and time. We have, however, over the past few years, engaged the expertise of two globalisation researchers who will help us expanding our research activities. The ambition is to improve on our ability to work thematically and to ask questions relating to contemporary global issues.

Researchers at the National Museums of World Culture come from a diverse scientific background such as anthropology, archaeology, art history, ethnology and history of ideas and science. Through this breadth of scientific disciplines, we are in a unique position to initiate interdisciplinary projects, many of which are conducted in collaboration with colleagues at universities and museums around the world.


Helen Arfvidsson

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