Terms of use for comments

In our collection management system Carlotta you can leave a comment. You can contribute information or ask a question. When you leave a comment, the username, e-mail address, IP address and comment are stored in the database. Only username and comment will be visible to the outside world. Comments and personal information may be disposed in the future. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the The General Data Protection Regulation (read more about how we handle personal data).

We will delete derogatory comments, insults, slander, threats, incitement against ethnic groups or other harassment. Materials that infringe on the rights of others are also not accepted, as is information that contains marketing. The same applies to comments that we do not consider relevant. If you see a comment that contradicts the above, feel free to contact us.

Comments become visible to other visitors and then also become a public document. If you want to leave a comment without it being visible, you can do so via email or regular mail to the National Museums of World Culture, Box 5306, 402 27 Gothenburg. Responses to the comment are provided in connection with the comment.

If comments contain a link, the person who posted the comment is responsible for the content of the page the link leads to.