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Order your images from the National Museum of World Cultures.

Fill in this form to order images. Start by searching for the image(s) in our database Search our collections, in order to find the correct inventory number(s). There are collections in our archives that have not yet been digitized. You can also download low resolution pictures for free if you use them for private use and research.

Before ordering, please read handling fees for image service, terms of delivery and GDPR here (PDF document, 264 kB).


All information obtained via Carlotta is free to access and use. However, when using it elsewhere, please refer to its original source. Images can be used in accordance with their licenses. You will find the license when you click on a hit in your search-result given in Search-our-collections. License information is shown on or below the image and its icon links to the terms of the license.

When using information obtained from our database elsewhere, please make references as follows:


CC BY, Mask, Inventory No. 1938.30.0397. Source: National Museums of World Culture – Museum of Ethnography, Sweden, http://collections.smvk.se/carlotta-em/web/object/1018066


Cederblom, Aina, Collection No. 1940.05. Source: National Museums of World Culture – Museum of Ethnography, Sweden, http://collections.smvk.se/carlotta-em/web/object/1115832


CC BY-NC-ND, Photo: Ove Kaneberg, 1995, Image No. 0002A. Source: National Museums of World Culture – Mediterranean Museum, Sweden, http://collections.smvk.se/carlotta-mhm/web/object/3907210


Image service

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