Work experience programs

We have the possibility to offer educational internships and work experience placements for students. Please note that it is a requirement to be enrolled in an education or to be part of a job market program through the Swedish employment organization (Arbetsförmedlingen). We have no possibilities to offer trainee positions.

The museums of world culture is a government agency consisting of four museums. The Ethnographic museum, The Museum of the Mediterranean and The museum of Far Eastern antiquities in Stockholm and The Museum of world culture in Gothenburg. At our museums you will be able to get a multifaceted look on human creativity from around the world and throughout history. We house interesting objects and collections, permanent and temporary exhibitions, thematic public programs, seminars, family activities, cultural interaction and much more. Read more about our activities and our organization.

We receive a large number of applications for internships and since we want to ensure a high quality in the tasks and supervision for our interns, we are not able to accept all applicants. We recommend that you send in your application for internships for the fall semester before the 15 April and before the 15 October for the spring semester. If you are interested in interning or work training as part of a job market program, you can send in your application at any time, as we deal with such applications on a current basis. Note however that it is a requirement to be listed in the Swedish national employment organisation (Arbetsförmedlingen). CVs and cover letters presenting yourself and your expectations should be sent to handlaggare@varldskulturmuseerna.se.