Work experience programs

We generally have the possibility to offer a couple of educational internships and work experience placements for students each semester. We cannot offer placement during the summer.  Please note that the internship need to be validated as part of an ongoing education, and it is a requirement to be enrolled in an education or to be part of a job market program through the Public Swedish Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). We have no possibilities to offer trainee or volunteer positions. When we have openings they will be advertised on this page. Below you will find general information about the departments and which type of internship that can occur.

The museums of world culture is a government agency consisting of four museums. The Ethnographic museum, The Museum of the Mediterranean and The museum of Far Eastern antiquities in Stockholm and The Museum of world culture in Gothenburg. Our museums will provide you with a multifaceted view of human creativity from around the world and throughout history. We house interesting objects and collections, permanent and temporary exhibitions, thematic public programs, seminars, family activities, cultural interaction and much more.

The work of the Museums of World Culture is made possible through a range of different competences. The type of assignments included in the internship differs depending on in which department the internship takes place and is described in the advert for the position. Not all departments/work groups offer internship positions every term.

Within the organization there are five departments in which different professions are organizationally based. Here is an overview of some of the departments areas of responsibility:

Collections, Archives, collections management, photography, research, digitalization

Content and Learning, Exhibition production, photography, strategic development of educational programs and experiences

Visitor Experience: Coordination of programs and public activities, av-technology, museum hosts, museum shop

Communications and marketing, Communication, strategies and execution, graphic design, web and social media

Management office,  HR, eonomics, IT, facility and security, archives and registration, sustainability coordination

Please not that these are only examples and don't include all professions within the organization. 

Vacant internship positions are advertised on this webpage. Questions about internship in the organization can be directed at praktik@varldskulturmuseerna.se

If you are enrolled in a job market program via Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish national employment organisation) you can send an application to praktik@varldskulturmuseerna.se.