Search tips

  • Remember that you can specify "*" before or after a key word. For example, if you only search on 'ivory', your search results will not include 'ivory cases'. Specify instead 'ivory*' to increase your search hit rate.
  • All information about objects provided by the Museums of World Culture is in English. If you want to search on 'elfenben' and get search results from say the collections of the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities then you must search on 'elfenben ivory' and then click on the option 'Any of these words'.
  • At the moment, it is not possible to search on Inventory Numbers. For this you must do a search directly in the Carlotta web service of each museum: Ethnography, Mediterranean, Far Eastern or World Culture
  • If you only want to find objects when searching on for example 'horse', then just add 'object' or if you want find photographs, then just add 'photograph' (e.g. 'horse photograph').