A Day In The World


A day in the world

Halifax, Canada

Photo: Claire McIntyre


"We are more aware of each other than ever before in the history of human life. It's more than a perception these days, now it´s a fact that there are so many different ways to look at the world. Aday.org puts this in focus. Half of all people on this planet are women, I´m curious to see how we will define ourselves in this experiment."

Islamabad, Pakistan

Photo: Muhammed Muheisen


Photo: K.M.

Desmond Tutu:

"Take this unique opportunity with me, and thousands of others around the world, to create a priceless collection of images, to boost understanding and enhance research and education."

Pennsylvania, USA

Photo: Trinity King


"This great project is about real people taking pictures of real life in real-time. Please get your camera and share your life on May 15th."

Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Jessica Gow

Naples, USA

Photo: Casey Kelbaugh


Photo: Elsa Leo

Miami, USA

Photo: Kristen Ashburn

Beauvais, France

Photo: Lars Tunbjörk

Colorado, USA

Photo: Rebbecca Romine