Talk Real || Art Real

Talk Real presents 'Talk Real - Art Real', a series of episodes about artistic projects and social practices from grassroots movements that aim to counteract the dominant discourses of crisis and threat in the so-called "refugee crisis".

In the second episode of the series, Talk Real travels to Madrid in the context of TRANSEUROPA 2017, to meet some of the artists and speakers that participated in this edition of the Festival and analyse the local context in the city of Madrid.

How are the local institutions giving responses to the block of the national government to accept refugees in the country? How are art and artists changing perspectives on migration in the city? What other initiatives are helping to shift discourses and narratives about migration?

A debate with Oliver Ressler (artist), Rasha Shaaban (iHopp curator from the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg), Lucila Rodriguez Alarcon (director of PorCausa). Moderated by Margarita Tsomou.


In the last episode of the Art Real series, Talk Real travels to Gothenburg in the context of the Illegal Festival, to meet some of the artists and curators that are opening inside the institutions spaces where human rights are respected and art can be used as a tool for making a social change.

What are the roles of the art institutions in contemporary societies? What are their abilities to react and intervene in the so-called "refugee crisis"?

Rasha Shaaban, cultural projects manager at the Museum of World Culture, moderated the discussion with Marita Muukkonen (Co-Founder and Co-Director of Perpetuum Mobile), Sanaz Amidi (Director of Rosetta Arts), Klas Grinell (researcher at Gothenburg University and art curator), and Karin Olsson (art curator).