My Story, Your Story, Our Story

Since ancient times, people have been telling each other stories. Throughout the world and in all cultures, storytelling has been the preferred medium for conveying knowledge, experience and values. By telling, you can get an understanding both for yourself and for others, and it gives meaning and context to our experiences.

Storytelling for intercultural dialogue training

11-12 February 2019

We had a two days training in Copenhagen, hosted by Crossing Borders and delivered by Lori Webb.

We had a total of 20 participants from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. From Sweden, we had Josefin Stenmark (Bilda), Noheilia Moh, Amjad Eshmawi, and Filippa Pestana (The Young Republic).

After the training, the participants will host intercultural storytelling events in their local communities, where people with different backgrounds come together to share food and life stories. In this way fostering a sense of a 'new us'.

Workshop with Save the Children (Gothenburg) & support group network (vännersborg)

As a follow-up to the training, we delivered two training workshops on how to use storytelling to facilitate intercultural dialogue in the local community to:

- Save the Children (Gothenburg) on 13 March at the World Culture Museum

- Support Group Network on 14 June at their Intercultural Centre in Vännerborg.