Alla får plats (Room for Everyone)

Anna Lindh Foundation Network intercultural Action: Alla får plats

Alla får plats (Room for Everyone) is a collective collaboration between ALF network members in Sweden and supported by Anna Lindh Foundation. The project seems to challenge stereotypical ideas of refugee and immigrant populations and other heavily stereotyped groups in society through providing an alternative narrative and inspiring curiosity in other cultures, peoples and perspectives.

The project was led AFS Interkulturell Utbildning in partnership with Fryshuset Göteborg, Migrant Journeys and Relearn Suderbyn & SICE.

Three events took place:

a) 24 February at Världskulturmuseet, Göteborg

b) 15 March at Österlensgymnasiet, Simrishamn

c) 6 April at Medborgarskolan, Karlstad

More than 200 participants benefited directly from this project.