Seminar: Yaqui people

4 september 2019, kl. 13:00 - 15:00

Past, present, future, questions of deportation, repatriation and cultural exchange

Var: Världskulturmuseet, Göteborg
Plats på museet: Trappscenen Pris: Fri entré
Ytterligare information: The seminar will be given in English and Spanish, and will be translated to Swedish.

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Gäster från olika delar av Yaqui Nation - Sonora (Mexiko) och Arizona (USA), presenterar och samtalar om sina perspektiv på kolonial historia och samtida poltitik, och om återförande av heliga föremål till ursprungslandet. Adriana Muñoz, intendent och fil dr i arkeologi, presenterar Världskulturmuseernas projekt Fallet Yaqui.


At the National Museum of World Culture, there is a collection from the Yaqui people that was collected during a Swedish expedition in 1934. Today this collection has been claimed by the Yaqui people living in Arizona, USA. The Yaquis' original place is in northen Mexico, in Sonora. Because of deportation, Yaquis today are also living in Arizona, Yucotan and in other parts of Mexico.


Dr. Raquel Padilla Ramos from INAH - Instituto Nacional de Antropol Historia in Mexico) introduces us to the history of Yaquis, deportation, struggling for surviving, then and now.


Anabela Carlon - The situation of Yaquis today


Linda Lundberg, Head of collections at the National Museums of World Culture, presents the repatriation case, laws and recommendations. There will also be time for questions and comments.


Live Yaqui music with Juan Armando Rodriguez, Felix Espinoza and Per Bolander.