Beyond Ashes: Föreläsning, minivisning, musik och performance.

18 maj 2019, kl. 14:00 - 15:30

Kommer ni ihåg när museet i Brasilien brann?

Vi har bjudit hit Cinthya Lana, antropolog och historiker, för att berätta om hur ett samhälle kan återskapa ett förlorat kulturarv.

Var: Världskulturmuseet, Göteborg
Plats på museet: Trappan

Kommer ni ihåg när museet i Brasilien brann?

Nu återskapas samlingarna tillsammans med invånarna i Brasilien genom nationella och internationella samfund och huset byggs upp igen. Vi har bjudit hit Cinthya Lana för att berätta om hur ett samhälle kan återskapa ett förlorat kulturarv.

Vi inviger även en monter om hotat kulturarv med minivisning av föremålen, musik av Alan Haksten Ensemble och performance med Kjell Caminha. Vi serverar dryck och snacks.

Programmet kommer att ske på engelska.

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Beyond Ashes
Lecture, mini tour, music and performance.
May 18 is International Museum Day and we focus on cultural heritage at risk.

In September 2018 a devastating fire overtook the National Museum of Brazil destroying a significant part of its collection of twenty million objects.

We invited Cinthya Lana, PhD in Anthropology and Exhibition History, to talk about a project that intends to rebuild new physical collections through close collaboration with indigenous groups, who have voluntarily offered to produce new collections for the museum in the aftermath of the fire. Also with the collaboration of an international cooperation of digital repatriation

This genuine contribution of indigenous peoples to the formation of new collections will enable the development of modes of collecting and curating that are more closely aligned with their perspectives and the ways in which they want their cultures to be represented through the medium of museums and collections.

She will also talk about a project of digital repatriation of collections relevant to Brazil held in European and North American museums to be aggregated in a digital database and made available online to facilitate access to researchers and specially to indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Kjell Caminha, performance artist, will stretch our minds in a short performance and after that Allan Haksten's trio will play for us while we mingle and enjoy some refreshing juice.

In addition! Head of Collections Linda Lundberg and Learning Officer Björn Lindberg show us our latest showcase and tell us seven short stories about seven fascinating objects.


14.00  Linda Lundberg, head of collections, introduction speech. Björn Lindgren, educator, presents the objects. (10 min)

14.20 Beyond Ashes, Cinthya Lana Cardoso Oliveira, Ph.D, från King's College London. (30 min)

15.00 Kjell Caminha, Performans (10 min)

How to plunder in the future? Should we stop manufacturing care for each other's heritage? From a dubious position visiting practices of hospitality while imagining possible calls for reparations within cultural institutions and practices, the performance lecture Be my guest, take as much as you want, will attempt to identify what act as contributor and perpetuator of ongoing cultural plundering.

15.10 Alan Haksten Ensemble (30 min)
The Alan Haksten Ensemble is a neo tango quartet based in Gothenburg, Sweden, formed by musicians from Argentina, Sweden and Russia.The repertoire consists mainly of Haksten's own work, as well as classics by Piazzolla and traditionals, performed in concerts or "milongas", the tango dance bar.

Cello: Pia Henoch, Violin: Pelle Bolander, Piano: Alexander Gorshkoff. Accordion and composition: Alan Haksten