Feathers in Oceania

20 februari 2019, kl. 18:00 - 19:00

Världskulturmuseernas Oceanien-intendent, Aoife O'Brien berättar om mytologi, ritualer och identitet sammankopplat med Oceaniens fåglar. IN ENGLISH.

Var: Etnografiska museet, Stockholm
Plats på museet: Hörsalen Pris: 80kr. Medlemmar Etnografiska Museets Vänner: fri entré
Ytterligare information: Language: English

Oceania is home to a wide variety of birds, many of which are closely linked to mythologies, ritual beliefs and identity. They feature prominently in art and society and their feathers, valued for their beauty or rarity, have been incorporated into a range of art works and clothing. The rights to wear specific feathers often indicate a person's status, their level of initiation or their totemic affiliation. Focusing on the Pacific, this talk will consider a range of objects to discuss feathers as indicators of power, status and wealth.

Tickets are avaliable at the museum reception on the day of the lecture. No reservations required.