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K-samsök is the search tool used for searching our collections. Click on a search result and it will take you to the original source of information that is our own database. From here, you can either continue searching or go back to the Search Results screen. Please note when searching for information that this is not quality assured. We are constantly working on correcting inaccuracies and adding new and more detailed information.

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The amount of information and knowledge we have about different objects varies enormously. Some objects, we have lot of information, pictures and texts about – others, we hardly know anything about. When the data available about an object or collection is entered into our database, we do not always have the resources to carry out a quality assurance review, which could therefore lead to some inaccuracies. Seeing as much of the information entered into our database is quoted directly from historical records and documents, the wording may sometimes seem obsolete or even offensive. However, these records and documents constitute an important part of the history of the objects in question and hence, we prefer to publish them as they are.

When searching our database, it is worth knowing that some people regard the information and pictures of objects and ceremonies available as sacred and hence, do not want these on the public domain. Nevertheless, it is our decision to make these available on the public domain as we feel it is important for individuals and groups to know what collections the Museums of World Culture manage.

Most of the objects at the Mediterranean Museum are entered into the database in English and consequently, you need to enter an English search term in order to get a search result. However, the image database of the Mediterranean Museum is all in Swedish.

As a result of an inventory conducted by the Museum of Ethnography in the 1990's, its database 'External Collections' now contains information about the ethnographic collections found at other museums around Sweden.

'Carlotta' is currently functioning as an internal database and we have not yet made any public adaptations. These will be made in due course and in the meantime, we hope that you will enjoy using and searching through the information currently available. Should you find any inaccuracies or if you think you can complement our databases with more up to date information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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Our resources are limited so it may be some time before we have the opportunity to respond to your questions.

All information obtained via Carlotta is free to access and use. However, when using it elsewhere, please refer to its original source. Images can be used in accordance with Creative Commons by-nc-nd. When using information obtained from our database elsewhere, please make references as follows:


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