The international exhibition Vodou contains the world's greatest collection of mysterious and fascinating Vodou-objects!

The exhibition was shown 21 September 2009 – 24 January, 2010.

Needles through dolls, zombies and evil Hollywood-characters? On the contrary, for millions of people, Vodou is a source of creativity and a means to fight opression and poverty. In this intriguing exhibition, you will experience Vodou's light and dark forces. You will meet fascinating and mysterious objects. And perhaps even a bit of your own prejudice?

Exhibition opening, September 17

Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique, Haitian Vodou-priestess, explained the meaning of Vodou. The group Simbi gave us Haitian rhythms!

International exhibition

This exhibition is also displayed in Geneva, Berlin, Amsterdam and Bremen.

Entrance fee for the exhibition: 60 sek.