May 2015- August 14th 2016 World Culture Museum

On show until 31th of May 2018 at Etnografiska

Playground is a playful exhibition about norms, and the right to be one's true self. You will be asked big important questions: What are norms? Are they good, bad or both? Who makes them, and can you create your own? Through everyday objects, you will meet the world. Objects from Vietnam and Sweden, collected in the now and in the past tell stories about prejudice, gender and love.


In the Vietnam part of Playground you will meet different stories about gender and HBT in Vietnam. Some objects are from the Museum of World Cultures Collections, collected many years ago, and some are collected in Vietnam today. Different voices which together tells about change and continuity.

The Norm Stage

Set yourself on The Norm Stage - by dressing in various attributes provokes you to different feelings. Who are you today? How does it feel to break a norm? On stage there will also be a series of appearances to be held - listen to different thoughts and life stories.


How do norms feel in the body? How can objects tell you about norms? In a playful way you will be challenged to think around norms. Be inspired by art, stories and objects.