Michiel Brouwer & Anders Sunna


[maa-too-ae] southern Sámi for 'origins'
10 October 2014 - 15 February 2015

In the exhibition, Anders Sunna and Michiel Brouwer raise questions about Swedish Sámi policy, racism and exploitation. Both artists are passionate about communicating what has often been silenced. They want to challenge, provoke and give a more profound view of historical and current conflicts.

Anders Sunna's paintings tell a deeply personal and painful sámi family history, about relocations and oppressions that have continued over 40 years in Tornedalen – the Torne Valley. In contrast, Michiel Brouwer's clinical photographs are powerful reminders of Sámi history. Pictures of how people were used as tools in the scientific theories of eugenics are shown along contemporary documentation and portraits of the Sunna family's struggle.

For the exhibition, the artists have selected a number of Sámi objects from the collections of the Museum of World Culture, objects that in different aspects associates to their artwork.

'History constantly repeats itself. The present is no different from the past.'
Anders Sunna