Kimono Fusion

From traditional Japanese culture to hypermodern.

The exhibiton was shown 17 September 2010 – 31 May 2011.

Kimono Fusion is a japanese fashion exhibition, which in a playful manner takes its starting point in the kimono, and merges into current Japanese subcultures and fashion trends. Hand made accessories for young geishas mix with graffiti and street-origami figures, with patterns from old kimonos.

Koralie och SupaKitch

Koralie and SupaKitch are two French street artists, based in New York. Grown up on Japanese/French Manga, they mix different western expressions with inspiration from modern as well as traditional Japanese culture.
Koralie is internationally recognised for her modern geisha, constantly changing outfits, and SupaKitch signature creature has traits from both wolf, bear and rabbit. Together they create their own universe inhabitated by cute monsters, superheroes and cool girls with long colorful hair. It is a glittering childish fantasyworld, filled with smart humor and adult undertones.