Feathers are beautiful to look at but the really amazing part is their function. Each individual feather is part of a complex system.

With the help of feathers birds are able to change form – become streamlined during flight or fluffed up in order to attract or frighten. Feathers are not only a prerequisite for flying, they also act as insulators or water repellants. They provide camouflage while they are designed to stick out and impress.

Throughout our whole existence, man has imitated nature in order to find solutions to problems. Design students from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås have examined the different functions of feathers and have tried to transfer them to other material. With the help of thin tulle fringe, designer Carolina Rönnberg has recreated the feeling of feather light.

Carolina Rönnberg

Dress created by the designer Carolina Rönnberg/WILHJA. WILJHA is a play on the Swedish word vilja (meaning will or desire) and the designer's home town of Wilhelmina. The couture-esc creation in high fashion spirit is founded in a rugged Lapland mountain landscape far from the metropoles of fashion. This dress in light blue gauze gives a feather-light impression reminiscent of flying ostrich plumes. On loan from Carolina Rönnberg/WILHJA