Earthlings (Jordlingar)

This exhibition is a wonderful experience for the whole family, a boundless fantasy world that invites young and old to think about what it is like to be human.

Make music, build cities, listen to human sounds, snuggle up and explore different human objects or pop up to the navigation bridge and take control of the spaceship!

Children's chosen exhibition objects

Children from all over Gothenburg have chosen the objects on display in the Earthlings Exhibition and they were being filmed when they visited the museum depot to select an object. Come and listen to their stories and interpretations of their chosen exhibition objects!

The Earthlings of Terra live...

This exhibition is crammed full of things that can be done together with someone else in addition to images and short rhymes describing us humans and our earthly existence in an inquisitive and warm way.

Below you can find a poem in Swedish:

På Tellus jordlingarna bo
Dom stökar, leker, bråkar och sover i ro
Deras tankar och drömmar far
Till en plats helt underbar
Dom skapar buller och sång;
Kom gör musik här på en gång!
Det finaste som dom gjort det är språk
Det kan bli vers och avsluta bråk