Destination X

What is it that makes people travel and migrate? What is it that we long for and hope to find?

About our desire to travel

Destination X is an exhibition about the driving force behind people's desire to move around the world. This exhibition is about travelling out of necessity, curiosity, desire and boredom - about tourists and migrants, global families, business travellers, refugees and adventurers. You are sure to recognise yourself in much of this but will also discover new and unexpected things about travelling. You are met by a bold mixture of objects, contemporary art, films, photographs and personal stories about the dream of a better life – somewhere else.

Exhibition runs until the end of 2012

The exhibition opens on 29 April 2010 and ends in December 2012.


The exhibition asks why some have a right to move around the world while others have not. It also asks how we can fulfil our desire to travel without treating the world as a commodity and trampling all over it in our rush to get away. This is a picture of Rogelio Lopez Cuencas (Spain). He works with paradoxes, making compilations of for example promotional images out of a tourist brochure and documentary images. This image shows a pool party with happy tourists next to an image of refugees, probably from North Africa, struggling for their lives in the water. This is Rogelio Lopez Cuenca's way of showing us how these refugees become victims twice over – first in their native country and then in their attempts to escape it.