In the exhibition Aswat - Syrian voices, contemporary art by five Syrian artists is shown. All of the artists work with themes as loss, isolation, displacement and memory.

The works were selected in collaboration between the Museum of World Culture and Abir Boukhari, founder and curator of AllArtNow, the first independent centre for contemporary art in Syria. Participating artists are Diana Jabi, Mahmoud Dayoub, Mohammad Ali, Nisrine Boukhari and Rezan Arab.

Mohammad Ali's I Might Have a Story To Tell You is one of the artworks shown in the exhibition Aswat - Syrian voices.

A letter from the curator

What would it be like if you had to leave your home, facing serious risks on the way to who-knows-where, reaching a place where you may not know the culture or the language, being away from your home and often without your family and friends?

Not so long ago, you had a vision and your own plans for the future, but all of that is gone now. The past is painful, the future is vague, and you are standing here in between the two.

Art is a common language that can reach people. It is a uniquely valuable tool for cross-cultural understanding. Art allows people to bring light to the hard parts of their memories and to convey the losses they have experienced.

For this exhibition, I have selected five Syrian artists who left Syria because of the war. Not only do they represent themselves but many other people who might find themselves speechless in the face of the war. Through art, we are making statements against the war, against division, and connecting our lives together.

/Abir Boukhari

Stockholm, August 2017