About the exhibition

In Afghan Tales, you will encounter contemporary Afghanistan, a country that very many people have fled from over the past 30 years. Here, several Afghan photographers present a complex image of Afghanistan, as a contrasting picture to the usual news about the country. With different themes and techniques, the photographs highlight everyday life, vulnerability and hope.

After the Taliban's total ban on photography was lifted in 2001, a new generation of Afghan photographers emerged. But things are still difficult, for women in particular. Many of the exhibiting photographers have received death threats, been kidnapped and arrested because of the stories they have documented, or simply because they are photographers. Despite the struggles, they continue to show a nuanced picture of Afghanistan. The photographers document, working with press photographs and contemporary art.

Seeing Afghanistan through the eyes of the Afghan photographers gives us a rare opportunity to experience the country from within. Everyday life is depicted closely and faithfully and the photographs provide an opportunity to deepen the image of a country that many know but few know much about.

Afghan Tales was created by Commerce & Culture in Denmark. Commerce & Culture have a multi-year commitment to the development and professionalisation of Afghan photography.

Participating photographers *:Hanifa Alizada, Reza Sepehri, Sulaiman Edrissy, Mohammed Ibrahim Wahid, Rada Akbar, Zekria Gulistani, Mumtaz Khan, Jawad Hamdard Kia, Fraidoon Poya, Basir Seerat, Sadeq Naseri, Barat Ali Batoor, Fardin Waezi, Hadi Morawej and Jawid Hanan.

* The exhibition Afghan Tales is prolonged until June 11th 2017. As we have not been able to get hold of all the photographers in war-torn Afghanistan, now only photos by 15 photographers are shown, originally photos by 22 photographers were shown.