Global Designs

The light installation Global Designs is inspired by the collections. New combinations have been shaped by designs from the Museum's textile collections. By using them in a new fashion we seek to inspire further encounters.

the Dutch wax prints.

Each textile can represent a multitude of stories; as part of a design- and technique history or of social, political or economic histories.

One example is the Dutch wax prints. They were machine produced textiles, created to look like batik from Indonesia, then a Dutch colony. The wax prints were produced in Europe to be sold in Indonesia, but made no success there. Instead they became popular in West Africa. With time they were adjusted for more of a West African lifestyle. Today they are regarded African.

By learning and borrowing from each other we change.

collection 1998.11

Most of the patterns are from the scholar Gösta Sanbergs textile collections. Find out more here