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About sustainability and consumtion - opens 2019

Nowadays, the majority of people agree that we must find a more sustainable way of living and consuming. This requires successful global collaboration, despite the great unfairness worldwide. It is important to note that the challenge primarily applies to the developed world. 700 million people continue to live in extreme poverty, without food, accommodation and clothing, nevertheless the number of people living in extreme poverty has decreased by over two-thirds in just 25 years. As our population continues to grow, there is increasing pressure to find solutions where more people can sustainably share the world's resources.Through constant exposure to advertising, the alleged necessity of consumerism has increased in the developed world and has reached incredibly unreasonable levels.

At the same time, we have been told that over-consumption leads to rising sea levels, filled with plastics; drought and famine; forest fires and air that is almost unbreathable. Despite these mutual goals and agreements such as Agenda 2030 and the Paris climate agreement, the majority continue to consume as before. Information about what is necessary for a changeover to sustainable consumption does not seem to be enough – more is needed to transform thought into action. We need to find new ways to grasp just what is at stake and find strategies so we can begin to change our consumer habits.We need to ask ourselves which values create human prosperity and a humane society. It must also be easy to do the right thing, and the advantages of sustainable consumption must be clearly expressed. This is the basis of the exhibition.