Choice of path

According to Swedish folklore, crossroads were especially powerful places where the future would sometimes reveal itself.

The major question of our time is how climate change will affect us. It is likely that we are at a crossroads in human history. How we act now will be crucial for a long time to come. The question is: which way will we go?

At Crossroads, we are forced into action and to make choices. Here the spotlight will turn to some of our time's most important issues and choices focusing on objects from the collections and the stories they carry about encounters, exchanges, at different places and times.

This first part focuses on sustainability and the planet's resources with water as the main topic of the debate on migration, climate change, conflicts - but also about human encounters and solutions. Can we think differently? What is a resource and who is entitled to it? How are refugees and water linked together? With the help of the museum's collections contemporary global events linked to climate change, geopolitics, development and migration are discussed.

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