About our museums

Världskulturmuseerna (The National Museums of World Culture) comprises four separate museums with different thematic orientations, which together span all over the world and thousands of years of human culture from prehistoric times to our world today.

Etnografiska museet

Etnografiska museet (The Museum of Ethnography) houses exhibitions and artefacts from around the world. This is the place for everyone interested in the rest of the world!

Take the family on an outing with a difference and experience art, culture and food in an exciting and inspiring environment.

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Experience a Mediterranean atmosphere in the middle of the city! Go exploring among ancient places of worship, join in any of our exciting activities or guided tours – or why not go on a 'date' over a drink in the Gallery! Medelhavsmuseet (The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities) is open in the evening most days of the week.

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Världskulturmuseet (The Museum of World Culture) is a place of thought provoking exhibitions and activities on exciting and topical issues in our surrounding world – a place where the whole family can explore and enjoy a mixture of culture and good food in a fantastic environment.

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Östasiatiska museet

Östasiatiska museet (The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities) is a meeting place for everyone who wants to know more about Asia. Bring the children to the Dragon Studio (Ateljé Draken) and discover new worlds through all your senses. Listen to presentations, try your hand at calligraphy or join a guided tour. Experience Asia at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm!

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