The National Museums of World Culture (= World Culture Museums/Världskulturmuseerna) is a Government agency under the Ministry of Culture. The task of the agency is evident from the Swedish Code of Statutes instruction SFS 2007:1185 and Annual Appropriation Directions. The instruction states that the National Museums of World Culture is responsible for displaying and bringing to life the various cultures of our world, in particular cultures outside of Sweden. Furthermore, the agency is to document and illustrate different cultural manifestations and conditions as well as cultural encounters and variations from a historical, contemporary, national and international perspective. Finally, the agency shall promote interdisciplinary knowledge and various forms of public activities. The agency head office is situated in Gothenburg.

Agency activities are carried out at Etnografiska museet/Museum of Ethnography, Medelhavsmuseet/Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities and Östasiatiska museet/Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm as well as Världskulturmuseet/Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg.


Strategic management in general

Director General

The Director General with the additional support of an Administrative Office and Management Group leads the National Museums of World Culture. The Director General has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm and is available for appointments by prior arrangement.

The Agency Management Group

The Management Group of the National Museums of World Culture is led by the Director General who has the capacity to co-opt additional experts to the group in matters of a specific nature. The Management Group is consulted in matters of significant importance for museum activities in general.


Administrative Office

The Administrative Office is responsible for dealing with matters pertaining to finance, IT, HR, property management and security, archiving as well as registering of correspondence received from the Government and other relevant issues such as public accessibility.

Communication and marketing

The responsibilities of Communications and Marketing include making agency activities perceptible to the general public as well as managing the external and internal communications of the museums.


Core activities are organised into the following four departments:


Content & Learning

Visitor Experience

The Digital Museum


Director general

Visitor address

Världskulturmuseet (The Museum of World Culture)
Södra vägen 54

Medelhavsmuseet (The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities)
Fredsgatan 2


Secretary to Director General: 010-456 11 03

Administrative office

Visitor address

Världskulturmuseet (The Museum of World Culture), Floor 5
Södra vägen 54

E-mail address


Tel: 010-456 11 00 (switchboard)
Tel: 010-456 11 02 (Secretary to Director General/Registry)


010-456 11 50

Postal address

Världskulturmuseerna (National Museums of World Culture)
Box 5306
402 27 Göteborg

Company registration number


Invoicing address

Världskulturmuseerna (National Museums of World Culture)
FE 139
836 80 Hackås


Public procurements are published on where also requests for tender are announced. Tenders are submitted to the agency by post.