The Virtual Collection of Masterpieces (VCM) is one of the main projects that has developed out of ASEMUS. The digital collection is a result of the ambition to identify means to mutually share museum collections in Asia and Europe.

Today VCM represents around 100 museums that have been invited to contribute with a maximum of 25 objects judged as "masterpieces" subjectively.
Quite soon it becomes evident that the definition of what deserves the label "masterpiece" is culturally and socially dependent. In some cases it might be the collection history of the object, in some the beauty and in other the social use. In some cases the definition of what object that constitutes a masterpiece is decided by the State.
The fact that the participating museums are spread throughout Asia and Europe, makes the different definitions and stories behind thrilling and interesting.
In the future the virtual collection will become more interactive and open up possibilities for the general public to create their own collection of masterpieces, now using the object that is part of a mutual collection of Asian and European museums.

VCM website