In the fall 2000 the National Museums of World Culture initiated the establishment of a network of museums in Asia and Europe – ASEMUS.

The main point of departure for the Asia-Europe Museum Network is to identify and develop different means and activities in order to share museum collections hosted by Asian and European museums. Over the years this has resulted in conferences, workshops and seminars and a number of projects ranging from travelling exhibitions, research and exchanges on preservation and museum education.

Today, ASEMUS gather around 80 museums. For a ten year period, the National Museums of World Culture hosted the network Secretariat as well as the homepage.

This work is now done by the Museum of Asian Civilizations in Singapore, but the Swedish museums of world culture remains a strong and active force in many different activities of the network.

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As the only permanent institution of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), a political dialogue process joining 46 countries of Asia and Europe, ASEF has an important function in promoting connections between civil societies of the two regions, and heritage is an important area where Asia and Europe can find a ground for further dialogue and cooperation.

As such, the long-term partnership with the Asia-Europe Museum Network has played an important role in facilitating exchange of knowledge and information, as well as in promoting mutual appreciation and awareness on the rich cultural heritage we share.

Over the years, ASEF has been the most important financial contributor to the Network's activities, including the organization of the ASEMUS General Conferences every two years, and, in view of such connection, ASEF has also helped to re-launch the ASEMUS website as part of its portal in 2011.

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