The National Museums of World Culture (SMVK) continuously lend objects from the collections to exhibitions, and in some cases for sampling and analysis, to museums and other cultural institutions in Sweden and abroad. Below you will find information about the loan process and links to SMVK's loan terms and database.

How do I apply to borrow an object?

A written loan request should be sent to SMVK by letter or via e-mail. The application must arrive at least 6 months before the opening date of the exhibition, for a loan of several objects at least 12 months in advance and for a larger number of objects at least 24 months before. Please note that SMVK does not have the ability to handle loan applications received on shorter notice than this. A list of requested objects shall be attached to the loan application, if possible indicated by the SMVK inventory number. Here is a link to SMVK's external database, where you can search among the objects.

A loan request must contain the following information:

  • Name of borrowing institution with address
  • Purpose of the loan and justification for the loan
  • Description of the exhibition concept
  • Dates and title of the exhibition
  • List of requested objects, including the SMVK inventory numbers, if possible
  • Insurance (government guarantee or private insurance)
  • Billing address and VAT-number
  • Contact details for the exhibitor, loan manager of the borrower or other contact person.
  • Signature

Please send the application to:

Or by letter to:

National Museums of World Culture
PO Box 5306
SE - 402 27 Göteborg

How are applications dealt with?

After the loan request has been received, completed Security and Facility reports are requested from the borrower in order to document the exhibition's circumstances from a security and preservation perspective. SMVK may also request a copy of the insurance policy. Borrowed objects must be insured during the entire loan period, nail to nail, including during transportations. The application and the Security and Facility reports form the basis for a decision, and statements from SMVK's conservators, curators and security officer are advisory. The final decision is made by the Head of Department for Collections. Once the application has been processed, SMVK will decide whether or not to grant the loan. The borrower will be notified in writing via e-mail, and if granted, a loan agreement will be sent including terms and conditions.

SMVK strives for rapid handling of loan requests, but at high pressure it may take a few months before final answers can be given, it is therefore recommended to apply for a loan in good time before a planned exhibition.

Terms and conditions for loans

The borrower must agree in writing to uphold SMVK's loan terms and conditions. Information on costs, security, insurance-related conditions and handling can be found in Terms and conditions for loans (will soon be published). Special terms and conditions are regulated in the loan agreement between the museum and the borrower, the agreement is drawn up by SMVK and signed by representatives of SMVK and the borrower.


Questions about loans are sent to