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The Photographic Collections of our four museums hold up to one million images that illustrate various aspects of the international cultural heritage. The collections have been built up over more than a century and constitute the largest collective manifestation of Sweden's contacts with the rest of the world. The collections are part of our world heritage and hence, must be preserved and handled in accordance with the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums.

More about the photographic collections

The photographs have been taken over a long period of time from late 19th century until the present day and consequently, are of important historical value. The photographs relate to themes such as antiquities from the Mediterranean and Asia, acquisition conditions in the field, ethnography and anthropology, research expeditions, Swedish missions, colonial history, ancient relics and archaeology. Some of the photographs represent the National Museums of World Culture's own photographic work while others derive from photographic archives. The ongoing digitalisation of the photographs aim to enhance availability and preserve the quality of originals, which in turn will enable more people to make use of this photographic gold mine.

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