Red Lists

On this page you will find the Emergency Red Lists which ICOM (International Council of Museums) created on the types of cultural objects that are likely to have been looted from their country of origin.

The Red Lists are not a list of actual stolen objects. The cultural goods depicted are of inventoried objects within the collections of recognised institutions. They serve to illustrate the categories of cultural goods protected by legislation and most vulnerable to illicit traffic.

If you suspect a cultural object has been stolen, looted or illegally exported, please contact law enforcement authorities (police or customs). You can also contact the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in case you need help with the identification of suspicious cultural items: . For more information please read the Q&A section.

Red List Syria - English (PDF-document)

Red List Iraq - English (PDF-dokument, 5,6 MB)

Red List Syria - Arabic (PDF-dokument, 3,8 MB)

Red List Iraq - Arabic (PDF-dokument, 4,4 MB)

ICOM's Red List series:

Emergency Red List of Iraqi Antiquities at Risk, 2015 update
Emergency Red List of Haitian Cultural Objects at Risk, 2010
Red List of Chinese Cultural Objects at Risk, 2010
Red List of Colombian Cultural Objects at Risk, 2010
Emergency Red List of Egyptian Cultural Objects at Risk, 2011
Red List of Dominican Cultural Objects at Risk, 2012
Emergency Red List of Syrian Cultural Objects at Risk, 2013
Red List of African Archaeological Objects, 2000
Red List of Latin American Cultural Objects at Risk, 2003
Emergency Red List of Iraqi Antiquities at Risk, 2003
Red List of Afghanistan Antiquities at Risk, 2006
Red List of Peruvian Antiquities at Risk, 2007
Red List of Cambodian Antiquities at Risk, 2009
Red List of Endangered Cultural Objects of Central America and Mexico, 2009

Red List Database