On this page you will find some podcasts related to the topic of illicit trafficking of cultural property.


In February 2017, The Swedish National Board of Antiquities recorded episode 21 of their podcast K-podd at The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities. Eva Myrdal, Senior Researcher at The National Museums of World Culture, Sweden, was the special guest in the studio.

Listen to Episode 21: "Ill-gotten gains - about illicit trafficking of cultural property" (In Swedish):

Large portions of the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq are scattered when looters plunder and sell objects on the international antiquities market. In K-pod episode 21 you will hear Eva Myrdal from The National Museums of World Culture, Sweden and Magnus Olofsson of the Swedish National Heritage Board in a conversation about the illegal trade in cultural goods.

The issue has become extra topical as trade with cultural goods from Syria and Iraq has been identified as a source of revenue for armed militant groups and organizations. How much income is in it is anybody's guess. However, it is clear that in recent years, large-scale and systematic illegal excavations in Syria and Iraq have been undertaken in order to find historical objects of value. When objects are displaced from their sites of excavation, the story of the people who lived there remains untold. A historical muteness arises. At the invitation of UNESCO, Sweden and other Nordic countries have taken a series of measures so that the Nordic countries will neither be marketplaces nor transit countries for illicit trafficking of stolen cultural goods.

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