Bonsai & Ikebana

Living art of Japan
17 june – 2 October 2016

Get inspired by the growing power and aesthetics of living art from Japan. From June 17 encounter an evocative installation of ceramics, tools and the philosophy behind. From August 20, the exhibition is filled with Bonsai and Ikebana. See new arrangements emerge every Saturday at 13!

New flower arrangements and trees, every Saturday at 1 pm , 20/8 – 24/9
20/8 Swedish Bonsai Association, Ichiyo, Ohara and Sogetsu schools
27/8 Swedish Bonsai Association, Ichiyo, Ohara and Sogetsu schools
3/9 Swedish Bonsai Association, Ichiyo school
10/9 Swedish Bonsai Association, Ohara school
17/9 Swedish Bonsai Association, Sogetsu school
24/9 Swedish Bonsai Association, Ichiyo , Ohara and Sogetsu schools

Bonsai is the art of growing and shaping trees in containers. The art form arrived in Japan from China, where it is called penjing, meaning "potted scenery", or penzai, meaning "potted plant".

Ikebana is the Japanese word for the art of arranging living flowers in different types of receptacles. Every part of the arrangement is significant. The emphasis on asymmetry and the void between the parts are fundamental.

In cooperation with the Swedish Bonsai Society, Ikebana International, Stockholm Chapter & Ichiyo ikebana School.