Paper Stories

Opens February 23, 2018.

From the world's oldest paper to bold contemporary art, paper is versatile and powerful. The museum's unique collections from China, Japan and Korea tell the story of paper's history and signifance for the evolution of humanity.

Paper Stories is an exhibition about paper in three parts. We show objects from our unique collections from China, Japan and Korea.

Discover the world's oldest paper and enjoy art, calligraphy, and objects both decorative and functional. Learn more about the history of paper, its manufacture and its significance in the spread of knowledge and the development of human potential.

Paper belongs not just to the past, but the present and perhaps even more the future. In the Paper Gallery, we exhibit contemporary art and show how the tradition continues into today's world.

After seeing the show, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at your own creative endeavours? In Ateljé Draken, you can create your own artworks of paper, inspired by the show.

Many of the paper objects from the collection are light-sensitive. Some items will therefore be rotated out three times during the period of the show. You may only have the chance to experience some of these items once in a lifetime. We will have new surprises waiting for those who visit the show several times.

It is hard to imagine how human civilisation would look today if paper did not exist. But how much do we really know about paper?

Paper – this revolutionary, two thousand year old invention – comes from China. The technology developed in East Asia for a long period before reaching the Middle East and later Europe. Eventually, paper spread to all the corners of the Earth, rapidly becoming an indispensable part of our lives.

In China, Japan and Korea, paper has been the most important medium for the art, culture and history of East Asia. For this exhibition, we have selected a number of especially fine objects from our rich collection.

We present the history and craft of papermaking, also looking at how the East Asian peoples have created art and artisanal objects of paper.