Photographer Hyung S. Kim

Hyung S. Kim worked as a commercial photographer for 20 years but changed the direction of his life when he met an old woman diver on Jeju in 2012.

"I found something beautiful and stronger than any
beautiful actress in the wrinkly face of the woman at the
sea. A tired, but happy, face after her hard work was
reflected in the sea water."

Then the photographer returned to Jeju and began to follow the women divers. The portraits came to life as a result of Hyung S. Kim waiting for hours by the sea and asking the women directly after their work if he could take a portrait. Hyung S. Kim chose to eliminate the background and instead emphasise the characters.

When the artist met the first woman, he did not perceive the nature around her – only the woman existed. 34 of Hyung S. Kim's photographs are on display in the exhibition.