The exhibition is a permanent exhibition and is open until further notice.

The Expedition – a knowledge corner

Medelhavsmuseets exhibition 'The Expedition' is a 'knowledge corner' on the Swedish Cyprus Expedition in 1927-1931. Here, you can learn more about the archaeological expedition, its findings and the lives of the four Swedish archaeologists on Cyprus.

The exhibition illustrates the many significant results of the expedition through professionally conducted excavations and scientific processing of a huge amount of findings. The Swedish Cyprus Expedition is a prime example of the enormous thirst for knowledge and emerging modern research methods that existed at that time and which paved the way for a renewed interest in and understanding for the past.

The knowledge corner can be found next to Bagdad Café. Curl up in an armchair with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and browse through a book while gazing out over the central hall. The deliberately nostalgic interiors of the Expedition exhibition are meant to remind the visitor of the study conditions and work methods in the 1920's and 1930's.