Individual visits

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit Medelhavsmuseet (The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities)! Below are some helpful tips and rules of conduct that will make this and future visits the more memorable.

Remember to pre-book your class or group visit at Medelhavsmuseet so as to avoid any congestion in the exhibition halls and further complications for you and other visitors. To pre-book, please call: 010-456 11 95, 010-456 12 07, 010-456 12 41  or e-mail:

When you arrive
When arriving at Medelhavsmuseet, teachers in charge of a school class must provide the Information desk staff with the relevant booking details whereupon general information about the museum will be given. In addition, all teachers must sign for a set of keys for access to the storage cabinets/drawers in the staffed wardrobe where you and your students can safely lock away your bags and outdoor clothes. Roller skates and Nordic walking poles are not allowed in the exhibition halls. There is an umbrella stand for depositing of umbrellas. Mobiles phones must be switched off for the duration of your visit. Portable folding chairs can be borrowed, subject to available.

Food and drink
Food and beverages may not be consumed in the exhibition halls. There are no indoor eating areas at Medelhavsmuseet and we therefore recommend that you plan for and locate a good spot for eating outside of the museum.

Cameras and mobile cameras
You may take photographs for your own personal use. However, flash photography is not permitted nor is the use of video cameras and camera tripods.

Inside the museum
Please remain with your group at all possible times while at the same time, showing consideration for other visiting groups and individuals. Pre-booked guided tours are given priority in the exhibition halls. Due to the level of echoing in the museum buildings, we kindly ask you to keep your voices down.
Please remember also not to touch any of the museum objects. We are all exposed to a certain amount of dirt (fat, salt, moisture) that can be very damaging for ancient objects, which we must help preserve for future generations. If you need something solid to write on, please do not use any of the display stands or walls for support. Ask the Information desk for a clipboard instead. If you have schoolwork to do, please remember to use a pencil when filling in your answers.

Prams and pushchairs
Prams and pushchairs may be brought into the exhibition halls as long as there is enough space. However, we would prefer of these were left in the dedicated parking area for prams and pushchairs. Any loose items in the pram or pushchair should be locked away in one of the storage cabinets/drawers in the wardrobe area.

There are four toilets adjacent to the wardrobe, one of which is accessible to disabled people and has baby changing facilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our museum hosts/hostesses or staff at the Information desk.