3D-scanning the Cyprus collections

In June 2017, objects from the collections of the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities have undergone 3D-scanning.

On weekdays between June 7-16, 2017 Valentina Vassallo, PhD student from Lund University, worked on her dissertation at the museum. Valentina 3D-scanned ca 50 terracotta figurines from the open air sanctuary Ayia Irini, Cyprus to find information that is undetectable with the naked eye. Among other things, she hopes to answer the following questions: How are the figurines made? Can we identify different craftsmen? Which techniques were used?

We welcomed visitors to the museum to see how 3D scanning works, talk with Valentina and our staff about the project, and learn how these 2,500-year-old objects contribute to new knowledge and to history!

When Valentina has processed the data and done an analysis, we will update you with her findings.

Valentina Vassallo, forskare vid Lunds universitet

Valentina Vassallo is a doctorate student at Lund University's Department of Archeology and Ancient History.

Want to know more?

Objects conservator Anna Fahlén wrote a blog post about Valentina's research visit on our collections blog: Archeology 2.0.