Mixed Reality

During 2017 the National Museums of World Culture have taken part in a collaborative research project, Mixed Reality Stockholm, run by KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology) and their VIC (Visualization Studio) with support from BFUF (the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry).

The idea is to explore if and how applications of augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) can contribute to the visitor experience in, for example, a museum exhibition hall. Due to the anniversary of the Swedish Cyprus Expedition we chose to focus on the Mediterranean Museum and the central showcase filled with statuets from Aija Irini.

We have provided expertise on the Cyprus collection and on the story of the expedition as such. KTH has used this content of the museum to develop an application that will be opened to the public during the spring 2018.

It will give you a chance to put a (virtual) figurine of your own in a (virtual) sacred place on a faraway (virtual) island. Welcome to the pre-view in March!